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Bochéry’s journey began in 2007 in the country of Greece, when husband and wife duo, Dr. Sadek Houssein and Dr. Dimitra Papalambrou, teamed up with the vision of creating a high-tech and innovative skincare company.

Both medical doctors, Dr. Houssein’s background as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon and phonetician, and his wife’s background as a clinical microbiologist, was the perfect mix of scientific expertise. The couple wanted to combine research with natural, active ingredients from around the world to help modern women attain radiant skin.

Bochéry Lab Esthétique was launched and Dr. Houssein and Dr. Papalambrou added to their expertise by working with leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, cosmetologists and chemical researchers in their mission to create top-quality products. Their Intensive Whitening Cream was the first product launched in 2007. The research and development behind the product was extensive. Bochéry considered every factor in creating an advanced melanin reducing formula. Even minor factors, such as what would be the best container to use to keep the ingredients fresh and active, were considered.

The cream, like all other Bochéry products, is naturally derived from plants and is free from hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, parabens, allergens, alcohol, and all other harmful substances. The cream naturally fades dark spots and creates an even complexion over time. Studies with the cream showed that 75% of subjects noticed a lightening effect on their skin within two weeks.

After the Intensive Whitening Cream, the Intensive Facial Cleaning Liquid was also created in 2007. Some of the company’s highlights in the following years included:

  • In 2008, the team created the first skin-repairing Nano-Biotechnological gel. Since 2008, it has been used in the medical boxes of all aircrafts of Qatar Airways.
  • In 2009, the Bochéry team created the Nanoface Series, beginning with five products. Dr. Houssein and Dr. Papalambrou also begin exhibiting their products at medical conferences and expositions around the world.
  • In 2010, the Bochéry team created the Nanosolaire Series and the Réforme Spa Series.
  • In 2011, the Bochéry team enhanced the Nanoface Series and the intensive whitening emulsion.
  • In 2012, Bochéry’s team turned their expertise towards creating innovative anti-hair loss formulas, through the Tufféne Energique Series. In 2013, Bochéry’s team created the Acnélle Series.

Through Bochéry’s journey over the past decade, they now offer over a dozen of the highest-quality products for skin and hair which can be found around the world – from Australia, to the UK, Cyprus, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Malta, and now Canada. They will also be launching shortly in Turkey, UAE and Kuwait. And Bochéry products can even be found in the famous Harrods luxury department store in London, England.

Thanks to their innovative technology, Bochéry has been able to meet the needs of all skin types, while offering daily skin care and protection. All Bochéry products undergo clinical testing for resilience and efficacy and are registered with the C.P.N.P. (European Cosmetic Notification Portal). The products have never been tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients or derivatives. The products are recommended by professionals and are available in pharmacies, through dermatologists and plastic surgeons’ offices, spas, and online.

Bochéry’s vision, to develop and produce high-tech cosmeceuticals for the modern woman around the world, has become a reality. Bochéry knows that modern women deal with stress on their skin – from daily obligations to environmental pollution to various climates and solar exposure, which can all make skin appear dehydrated, dry and prematurely tired.

Bochéry set out to create products that would enhance a woman’s well-being and combat these stressors. The company stands out because of their commitment to the science behind their products, as well as their belief in the values of differentiation, innovation, reliability, social responsibility and respect for all human beings.

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