Cosmeceuticals – What are they?

Cosmeceuticals – What are they?

Cosmeceuticals are defined as the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients purported to have medical or drug-like benefits.

The scientists at Bochéry understood that there was a “gap” in cosmetic production. It’s been tested and proven that classic, bulk-form cosmetic products are not efficient enough for various skin issues. They might camouflage the surface of an issue, but they don’t have the science, technology or ingredients behind them to address the root of the problem, so the problem will never truly go away.

This is where Bochéry Lab Esthétique products come in. They were created by a husband and wife team of medical doctors, with a vision for creating radiant skin anchored in research. They set out to create high-tech, innovative cosmeceuticals using natural extracts and active ingredients from all over the world to protect and revitalize skin from the inside-out.

How are Cosmeceuticals Created?

Bochéry products use a unique combination of natural and innovative active ingredients such as:

  • Extracts, including apricot oil and olive oil
  • Derivatives, like argan oil, hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides
  • Enzymes, for biotechnological processes
  • Oligopeptides, often just called peptides, which consist of two to twenty amino acids and can include dipeptides, tripeptides, tetrapeptide, and pentapeptides

All of the above active ingredients are then encapsulated in advanced delivery systems using specific techniques including biotechnology and nanotechnology.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the technology based on biological processes, using organisms to build or produce useful substances for the benefit of people. Today’s biotechnology utilizes the latest achievements of molecular biology and uses a number of techniques including polymerase chain reaction, genetic engineering, tissue-engineered processes and cell cultures on a large scale. Biotechnological products are safe, rarely cause allergic reactions and are environmentally friendly. Biotech products are included in products like foods and cosmetics.

What is Nanotechnology in Skincare?

Nanotechnology is the science dealing with the design and manufacture of materials at the nano dimension. Nano is a Greek prefix meaning one-billionth. One nanometer is equal to one billionth of meter (1×10 ̄⁹) or one eighty thousandth of the diameter of human hair, which means nanotechnology manipulates particles at an incredibly small scale.

Liposomes in High-End Skincare

The most common particles that nanotechnology uses in cosmetology are called liposomes. Bochéry uses liposomes as a “unique transportation system” as they can be considered micro-vehicles to quickly, safely and effectively transport raw ingredients to the lower layers of the skin.

The properties of the liposome, which include its small size and unique structure, allow it to penetrate the cells and reach the lower layers of the skin, allowing for an extended release of active ingredients. This allows Bochéry products, composed of natural and active ingredients, to more efficiently penetrate the skin for faster and more visible results.

While there are various methods for skin penetration enhancement, the team at Bochéry prefers the use of delivery systems like liposomes because they entrap the ingredient and carry it through skin layers deeper and faster. Also, it is safe, non-aggressive, non-chemical and non-corrosive.

For Bochéry, our products are based in science and created from nature. For example, the ingredients in the Anti-Wrinkle Lift Serum include an innovative advanced formula containing polysaccharides, oligopeptides and micro-hyaluronic acid in a biotech process through the liposomal delivery system. Consumers can apply a small quantity of the serum to a clean face and leave it on. The ingredients will then penetrate the skin providing noticeable firmness and tone within one hour, as well as a longer-term lifting effect. In addition to tightening and lifting, it applies hydration and nourishing to the skin as well.


Instead of hiding skin issues with cosmetics, use cosmeceuticals to penetrate the skin with active, natural ingredients and address the root of the issue. Modern scientific advances in skin-care can now truly change your skin for the better and help it look healthier and younger for a long time to come.

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