10 reasons why cosmeceuticals are your new favourite beauty hack

10 reasons why cosmeceuticals are your new favourite beauty hack

The modern woman + an abundance of work and personal commitments  = being stretched for time. As busy ladies, we want to be able to multi-task and get the best bang for our buck, especially when it comes to our makeup and skincare routine.

Instead of wasting time with skincare products that aren’t making an impact and then masking problems with makeup, why not combine the two? Cosmetics + Pharmaceuticals = Cosmeceuticals. These are cosmetics with pharmaceutical properties. Save time and create a bigger impact with this beauty hack. Read on for more reasons why you should be using cosmeceuticals in your skincare routine.

  1.  Ingredients – Cosmeceuticals contain natural, active ingredients that are known to be beneficial to skin. Dermatological research shows that the active ingredients used in cosmeceuticals can have benefits beyond the traditional over-the-counter brands and products. This is because the ingredient formulas are stronger than regular products. When choosing skin-care products, always read the label. If you see active ingredients like:
    – Oligopeptides and vitamin E – those are well known to decrease get rid of and fine lines.
    – Hyaluronic acid is another recognized active ingredient that can stimulate collagen and increase elasticity.
    – Aloe Vera is known to moisturize and soothe skin.These are the types of active ingredients you should be looking for in your products.
  2. Skin penetration – While normal, every day cosmetics and skin-care products only work on the top layer of your skin, cosmeceuticals are actually able to penetrate the surface of the skin. Instead of just resting on the surface or seeping into the top skin layers, which are made of dead skin cells, cosmeceuticals use smaller molecular structures to get deep into your skin. From there they work with your skin cells and change the way they function – like telling your skin cells to create more collagen, which can reduce or prevent wrinkles.
  3. Faster results – Obviously, since cosmeceuticals can reach deeper into your skin, they will be able to work a lot faster than regular skin-care products that either don’t have active ingredients or have very small amounts of active ingredients. With some cosmeceuticals, you will start to see results in a just a few weeks.
  4. Scientifically developed – Advanced cosmeceuticals from reputable companies are generally developed in a lab. This means involving physics, chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetology, biology and nanotechnology, which is done by scientists with tons of testing before it reaches the consumer. Make sure the cosmeceutical skincare company you pick is backed by science and rigorous testing.

5.  Innovation – Because the field of cosmeceuticals continues to grow and expand, you will see a lot of innovation from your favourite skin-care companies -especially the ones that employ scientific professionals in their lab. Companies like Bochery will constantly be reworking, testing and improving formulas for the best and most effective results.

6.  Availability – In the past, cosmeceuticals have been more difficult to find. You may have needed to visit a dermatologist to acquire an actual prescription. Not anymore. As demand increases, it is getting easier and easier for consumers to buy their own cosmeceuticals, either directly from the brand’s website or in select stores.

7.  Pricing – Again, as cosmeceuticals continue to grow in popularity, availability of the products will increase, while prices will decrease to match consumer demand. Many cosmeceuticals can now be purchased for very reasonable prices. They will probably seem a bit more expensive than your regular over-the-counter creams, but remember you are paying for active, natural ingredients that are proven to work better and faster

8.  Specific use – Most advanced cosmeceuticals will come with specific instructions on how to use them. For example, some products will suggest that you use them twice per day, in the morning and evening for the best results. They will also tell you how much to use, such as a small dollop or a larger quantity to cover the whole face. The product should also let you know whether to keep it on or wash it off with a washcloth and what order to use it in, in regards to building a skincare routine with other products. As these products contain higher doses of active, natural ingredients, you’ll want to ensure you are following the instructions and the correct order of skincare products.

9.  Troubled skin – Cosmeceuticals are good for everyone, but especially helpful if you are trying to target a problem area. They have been proven to help with dry skin, acne, deep wrinkles, sun damage and get rid of fine lines. If your skin is fairly normal, then use cosmeceuticals to stimulate collagen production and provide deep hydration.

10.  Better value – With all of these reasons, you can see why using cosmeceuticals will offer better value for your time and money than ordinary skincare. If you are buying over-the-counter skin-care products and waiting for them to work, you will probably be disappointed. If you invest a bit of time and money, then using cosmeceuticals can create your best skincare routine and you can be satisfied knowing that these products are finally getting to the root of the problem.

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