Anti-aging or Sun Protection Products – Which One Should You Apply First? 

Anti Aging or Sun Protection Product Order

Anti-aging or Sun Protection Products – Which One Should You Apply First?

You deserve to feel and look as young, vibrant and confident on the outside as you do on the inside. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and doing daily self-care, is all it takes. When it comes to applying multiple skin care products, however, what is the best order? Should you use your anti-aging product or your sun screen product first?

It’s a question with many different answers, and a basic Google search turns up contradictory advice. Some dermatologists swear that sunscreen should be the first thing on your skin in the morning, while other equally qualified professionals say sunscreen is always the last thing you apply. Who’s right?

The answer, as it often is with skincare is, it depends. The question of whether to apply anti-aging products or sun protection products first is highly dependent on your skin’s needs, age, and even the types of products you are using.

Take a look at the following scenarios to determine which product order is best for you.

But before we get started, everyone, regardless of age, needs or skin type, must start with a clean face.

The Basic Clean

Cleanse face before apply anti-aging or sun protection productsA basic clean is different from your weekly or bi-weekly deep cleaning routine where you work with exfoliates and cleansing milks. This clean is your go-to daily cleanse that removes surface impurities, traces of makeup and helps fight acne. Starting with a clean face makes the application of your other products much more effective.

To start, gently splash your face with your face with lukewarm water. The gentle heat opens the pores for a better clean. Your fingertips are the gentlest way to clean – scrubbing with a loofah or washcloth could irritate your skin. Next, apply a gentle cleanser. Our Multilacation Skin Cleanser is an all-in-one product that cleanses, moisturizes and tones in one easy step. Pat your face dry with a cotton facecloth. Now you are ready to start applying your sun protection or anti-aging products.

Creams vs Serums

Both sun protection and anti-aging products can be cream or serum based. It depends on the strength, function or multi-use properties of the product. Serums are designed to sink deep into the skin, penetrating the layers. Apply your serum-based products directly on freshly cleansed skin to get the best results. If you put a serum over a cream, the absorption will be compromised.

What if My Sunscreen and My Anti-aging Products are Both Cream Based?

This is where you assess your most pressing needs. Are you a youthful 20-30 year old? Put on that sunscreen and leave the Be mindful of the order in which you apply anti-aging and sun protection productsanti-aging products for your overnight routine. Your focus should be more on sun protection – the actions you take now to protect your skin have far reaching effects as you age.

If you have thin skin, apply the product that has the most moisturizing properties first. You need to plump up your skin for a fresh, glowing, dewy look all day.

If wrinkles are not a concern at present (thicker, more lipid-dense skin, great genetics), keep focusing on that important sun protection and leave the anti-aging cream for nighttime.

If both products are equally weighted, and anti-aging is part of your daytime routine, apply the sun protection OVER the anti-aging product. This will keep the anti-aging product on your bare skin while the sun protection product provides a protective barrier over top.

Remember, sunscreen is also an anti-aging product since overexposure to the sun ages your skin.

Use Quality Products

Your skin deserve high-quality products that protect your natural barrier and promotes your skin’s own elasticity and regeneration properties. All of Bochéry’s products are developed in our own on-site lab to ensure the highest commitment to quality and effectiveness. Our promise to you is beautiful skin from the inside out. Visit us online to lean more.

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