Four Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Partner

Four Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Valentine’s Day originated from the ancient Feast of Saint Valentine custom. In the 14th century, the day started to take on more romantic undertones and by the 18th century, flowers, cards, candy and gifts were used to celebrate the 14th; and the idea of gifting luxury items to one’s sweetheart on the 14th of February persists to this day.

A thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is a wonderful way to tell the special person in your life that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them smile, but anyone can rush to the store for a box of chocolates or pluck a bottle of perfume off the shelf. When you want to give a gift from the heart – something that says you went the extra mile to make them smile – look to Bochéry. Here are four luxurious Valentine’s Day gifts to light up the special day.

Multi-action Skin Cleanser

Skin Cleanser Valentine's Day Gift

Your partner can multitask, and that is just one of the things you love about them. Work, life, play, giving back – they do it all. Gift them a facial cleanser that multitasks as well as they do. Our multi-action cleanser is suitable for all skin types and in one easy step, performs a gentle enzymatic peel, deep skin cleanse, sebum regulation, smooths, moisturizes, revitalizes and helps keeps acne and other blemishes at bay. A gift like this lets your lover present their best face to the world – every day.


Eye Cream

Eye Cream Valentine's Day Gift

The thin skin around the eye is the first to show signs of aging, and since you are only as young as you feel, who wants to look older when they are still so youthful inside and out? Gift your lover a silky eye cream that works day and night, thanks to innovative nano and biotechnology to increase the brightness and elasticity of the skin. Your partner can say goodbye to dark circles, puffiness and small wrinkles and hello to bright eyes and smooth skin when you present them with this gift.


Advanced Hydrating Serum

Serum Valentine's Day Gift

You love that your partner glows from the inside out but sometimes stress and the weather affects their skin. Silky smooth skin is something everyone craves to feel and have touched. Thank goodness for Bochéry’s advanced hydrating serum! This silky serum oxygenates dry and dehydrated skin, boosting it back to its natural, plump fullness. Liposomal serums penetrate deep into the skin, faster than creams that sit on the top layer. An innovative moisturizing nano system delivers micro-hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to produce the most supple, glowing, moisturized skin. It’s luxury in a bottle and a gift that keeps on giving.


Tufféne Energique Shampoo

Luxury Shampoo Valentine's Day Gift

Who doesn’t love a good hair day? Hair is how we express ourselves, whether we favour long loose waves or a short and sassy pixie. Natural, permed, coloured – no matter how we wear our hair, it must be healthy and strong, and that means maintenance. But what busy professional has time to deep condition, cleanse, moisturize and treat their hair every day? Gift our Tufféne Energique shampoo to give back the invaluable gift of time. With every wash, your partner’s hair is drenched in red clover and other botanicals that nourish and strengthen each and every strand. Hair loss from over styling is minimized and the scalp is returned to a moisturized, healthy state.

Spoil Your Loved One this Valentine’s Day

We like to treat the ones we love because we like to see them smile. We like to brighten their day with luxurious products that increase the quality of their life. The products listed above can be gifted individually and added to a gift basket of all their favourite things. Visit us online at to learn more about these and other gifts your partner will love on Valentine’s Day.



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