As an established research company Bochéry participates in several exhibitions all over the world presenting and promoting high tech cosmeceutical products.

First expo participation took place on August 2013 in Sydney during “The Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo” which is the most famous expo in Asia and Oceania. It was a very interesting and creative experience launching innovative products in a very competitive market contacting a great nr of consumers, suppliers and companies. Bochéry had, for the first time, the chance to present and discuss about innovative, advanced skin care delivery systems.

Second participation was on September 2013, which took place at London “Olympia Beauty Expo” an incredible expo with over 500 world- class brands exhibiting for 2 days. Bochéry had the unique opportunity to show the very latest innovation in the beauty world. Almost 400 entries were noticed in our stand. Industry experts, business advisers, salons, manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, beauticians and doctors visited Bochéry’s stand expressing a great interest and enthusiasm for these high tech products.

On March 2014 Bochéry participated for 3rd time in another expo, the “In Shape” health, beauty and fitness fair, taking place in Lebanon .Actually the biggest and most famous expo in the Middle East. During the expo Bochéry had a very significant presence including a lot of activities, as skin care applications inside the stand and lots of product presentations. Furthermore the scientific team of Bochéry gave two lectures at the expo aula referring to: “the new technologies in cosmetology and their application in Bochéry ‘s products”. Finally the scientists of Bochéry gave a 20 min interview in Lebanon TV. The feedback was exceptional and the Bochéry products are now very well recognized in the whole area of Middle East being one of our top markets.