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In our quest for advanced efficacy, we quickly confirmed that it depends on the bioavailability of the active ingredients, which is directly linked to their skin penetration ability.

From then on, our goal was clear: our formulas had to improve and elevate the actives’ ability to reach the deeper skin layers.

We achieved that by encapsulating a unique combination of actives that consist of natural and innovative actives, derivatives, enzymes of biotechnological process and oligopeptides, in particles of nano-dimension (one Nanometer is equal to one billionth of meter (1x10 ̄9) or one eighty thousandth of the diameter of the human hair) that we called “Youth Travellers”.

These micro-vehicles, including but not limited to liposomes and other nano-carriers, comprise our Unique Transportation System and are defined by two fundamental properties:

I.  The ability to travel through the cells and reach the lower skin layers, also known as “penetration” 
II. The extended release of the active ingredients enclosed in their interior, or “release retardant”.

Scientifically designed to perform the best skin treatment possible, our formulas run through all four ranges of Bochéry:

Tufféne Energique

Our Science