Suncare Face Cream
SPF 50 PA+++
Water Resistant


For sensitive prototypes

High protection against UVA-UVB solar rays
High protection against photo ageing & immune suppression
Deep anti-oxidant effect
Anti-ozonant & anti-pollutant action

An exclusive multi-action sunscreen providing an enhanced level of UV protection with a comfortable smooth feel, thanks to the precious “Innovative Anti-Ozonant Complex”.

This high-tech formula encapsulated for a time-release effect contains special natural and organic filters against solar rays, liposomal vitamin E and fumaria lemon extract. Its special synthesis offers a lasting protection against the damage of UV rays, photo-ageing protection, and it captures the free radicals. At the same time it protects from environmental pollution and increases the skin’s natural defenses against the effect of the sun. The skin is refreshed, calm and smooth.