Inspired by nature and harnessing the latest technology the scientific laboratories of Bochéry specialize in the development and production of high quality cosmeceutical products.

The scientific team of Bochéry is comprised of prominent, expert scientists in the area of modern cosmetology, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. Physicians, chemists, pharmacists, cosmetologists collaborate in a scientific environment creating the most efficient formulations conform to age requirements and clients’ needs.

“Science for human wellbeing by Bochéry lab esthétique”

Dedicated to this vision, they provide general public with new revolutionary products, which act as: “mesotherapy without needles” since they penetrate deeply and release retard.

More specifically, the scientists at Bochéry understood that there is “a gap” in cosmetic production. They considered, and it is proven, that classical (bulk form) products are not efficient enough. They can’t reach into the heart of the problem. They set a series of innovative formulas to fulfill this need. Actually, they combine innovative and natural actives entrapped in advanced skincare delivery systems by using techniques and technologies, such as, third generation liposomes, cyclodextrins, microspheres and Ionosomes. All the above have unique properties that transform the skin to: ENJOY MORE RADIANT YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN.!!

The quest for ageless beauty is achieved.