Our Skin Heroes

Our Skin Heroes

Our Skin Heroes

Your Ideal Regime

Your Ideal Regime

high safety

Thanks to the tiny size of our molecules, our products provide stunning results in- creasing the yield of our active ingredients that never penetrate into the dermis. That way we ensure 100% safety.

increased bioavailability

More absorbent formulas in the deeper layers, aka better skin penetration ability.

second skin barrier

Our youth travellers act as active ingredients them- selves, creating a second skin barrier that decreases the trans-epidermal water loss, providing an additional emollient and nourishing effect.

faster efficacy

Our advanced delivery System products are re- lease-retardant and go deep into the skin, delivering better results, faster than what you've ever experi- enced.

heightened stability

Always protected and secure: our youth travelers encap- sulate the active ingredients so they reach their destina- tion intact.

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