The Beginning

Driven by scientific foresight, innovation and passion, two medical doctors, Dr. Sadek Houssein, an ENT surgeon and phoniatrician, and his wife Dr. Dimitra Papalambrou, a PhD clinical microbiologist, founded Bochery Lab Esthetique in 2007.

With the determination to optimise skincare with high-tech dermocosmetics powered by Nanotechnology, they created their first brightening product.

 They dove head-first into the challenge of coming up with a formula that goes right into the root of the problem and tackles discoloration better and faster than any of the existing solutions the skincare market had to offer.

Their extensive clinical research led them to what they translated soon after into Youth Travellers and their Unique Transportation System.

The Journey to Eternal Beauty

Used as the core of every formula, the “Youth Travellers” represent the liposomes which are essentially micro-vehicles that are utilised for the fast, safe and effective transportation of active ingredients to the lower skin layers.

Dubbed as Bochéry’s Unique Transportation System, this innovative approach ensures unparalleled results thanks to increased bioavailability, better and faster efficacy, high safety, increased stability and skin barrier healing.

The Revolutionary Power of the Youth Travellers

We believe in products that work smart and not hard. Enriched with safe, non-aggressive, non-corrosive, non-chemical skin-transforming ingredients that go a long way.

Our focus is not only to preserve our customers’ energy and time but also transform their skincare routine into a science-led zen ritual for flawless skin and upgraded wellbeing.