Bochéry is a new research company specializing in the development and production of high-tech cosmaceutical cosmetics. The vision is a PERFECT RADIANT SKIN for the modern woman, the woman of today. The dynamic, active, attractive woman who breaths, lives, feels and travels from west to east, from north to south. The woman who tries to fulfill multiple roles as a wife, as a mother and as a businesswoman. The stress of contemporary life, the endless obligations, the environmental pollution and the different climatic conditions from city to city, from country to country, the solar radiance stretch  the skin, make it appear dehydrated, dry and prematurely tired. Our History Bochéry is a new research company specializing in the development and production of high quality cosmeceutical cosmetics. Bochéry company was founded in 2007 by two medical doctors, Mr. Sadek Houssein, an ENT surgeon, phoniatrician and his wife Dr. Dimitra Papalambrou a PhD clinical microbiologist, both enthusiastic scientists had the passion to create high tech innovative dermo-cosmetics using beneficial, natural extract active ingredients (from all over the world) incorporated in very modern technologies through a unique professional approach. 2007 – It was very challenging to create the first product Intensive Whitening Cream without hydroquinone and the Intensive Facial Cleansing Liquid (Multiaction Skin Cleanser). First exporting country was the state of Qatar. 2008 – Bochérys team created the first skin repairing Nano-Biotechnological gel without preservation. Since 2008 is used in the medical boxes in all aircrafts of the Qatar airways. 2009 – Bochérys team created the Nanoface Series with 5 products. Cyprus was the second exporting country with several participation in medical conferences. 2010 – Bochérys team created the Nanosolaire Series and the Réforme Spa Series. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the 3rd exporting country. 2011 – Bochérys team created the other codes of the Nanoface Series and the intensive whitening Emulsion. UK is the forth exporting country and starting the registration process in Australia (the fifth exporting country). 2012 – Bochérys team created the innovative anti-hair loss formulas / Tufféne Energique Series. Lebanon the sixth exporting country. Start the exporting to Australia. 2013 – Bochérys team created the Acnélle Series. Exposition in Sydney and London. Start the registration process in the Sultanate of Oman and the sate of Kuwait. 2014 – Bochéry decided to redesign the brand, the website and all the packaging in order to achieve the balance between the quality and the packaging. Exposition in Beirut and participation in Medical conference in Cyprus. Start the exporting to Oman.