Suncare Body Emulsion
spf30 PA+++
Anti Ozonant
Water Resistant


High Protection against UVA-UVB solar rays
Photo-ageing protection
Moisturizing & deep anti-oxidant action
Anti-ozonant & anti-pollutant action

Bochéry Lab Esthétique has created a high-tech exclusive sunscreen body emulsion. This luxurious product contains the “Innovative Anti-Ozonant Nano Complex” which consists of natural and organic filters, liposomal vitamin E, micro-hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

All the ingredients are combined using modern technology and work in three ways: they offer high protection against solar rays and photo-ageing, give anti-oxidant protection and moisturize deeply. The emulsion is delightful to apply and to wear and after its use the skin looks rejuvenated, perfectly hydrated and comfortable.

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